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Guerilla Gardening

Guerilla Gardening

I haven’t had time for much reading lately, and what time I do find should probably be spent pulling weeds.  Anyway, I was at the library on Friday and picked up two books.  The first one that I’m about half way through now is Guerilla Gardening: A Manualfesto by David Tracey.  So far its really interesting. I know I have my own land to worry about making presentable at the moment, but yet I feel this urge to change the neighbourhood I live in, too.  

Guerilla gardening is the act of gardening on public or private space, with or without permission.  Its an idea that space belongs to everyone and we can all affect our world, instead of being stuck with the status quo.  We can bring beauty to and help create a healthy environment through little acts in our very own cities.  

Some topics covered include the history of guerilla gardening, why you should do it, and how to get started.  There are also chapters on where to get supplies, etc.  I really like the format of the book.  It includes little sidebars and snippets of gardening quotes from quite a few unlikely sources, stories from guerilla gardeners around the world and each little section has a ‘power plant’ which showcases a certain plant that is useful in the art of guerilla gardening.  It’s a very quick read and is a great motivator to get out into the garden, whether it be your own or that scraggly patch of ground down the street. 

I had heard about this phenomenon before through the website Guerilla Gardening, but while that website is based in London, UK, this book has a bit more of a North American slant.  A lot of the info is based on Vancouver, where the author resides, but there is some useful information for the prairies, too.  I guess its not so much a guide on which plants to use, but how to go about gardening in a philosophical way. 

Either way, check your library if they have a copy. Its a great book.


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