And then there was [no] light

At the end of May we headed up to a buddy’s wedding in Alberta.  It was a nice get away and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of my university friends again.  While we were away we entrusted our house to a friend of ours to look after.  She is great with the cats and the house but apparently it was obvious that our house was being sitted and not lived in.  

Upon our return home I did my garden check up wherein I see what has come up in the beds and survey the progress of my plantings.  I noticed that something was missing.  Someone had stolen all four of our solar powered lights from along the side of my house.  See this post for a picture of them.  They’re nothing amazing but they did make the house look a little bit nicer.  It was also nice to have a bit of light to keep the side yard illuminated.  They’re also a very common sight in my neighbourhood. What made ours special enough to walk 15 feet into a private yard and yank them out is beyond me, especially when a few houses down there are probably 10 lining the sidewalk.  

To boil the story down, I’m a little disappointed.  I know that its not that big of a deal and they were just things but it feels a bit like an attack on my efforts of improving my lot.  Also, there’s a bit of a feeling of being violated thats hard to shake.  I know that it was probably just some punks who didn’t care about them and I need to not take it as a commentary on my sense of style of the yard.  I have another, less expensive set still in the shed, so I’ll put them out soon.  I’m not letting those little shits change my habits.  

Maybe this is why I felt the urge to steal that horseradish.


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