Tulips and other flowers

This house didn’t come with much in the way of plants or garden beauty.  However some tulips and hollyhocks have come up this year.  I knew the hollyhocks were there but the tulips were a surprise.  Moving in in July tends to keep spring blooming bulbs a secret.  There is also an abundance of chives and some fuzzy leaved ground cover along the west side of the house.  I planted a few echinacea and a foxglove last year and am glad to see they are coming back.  


This part doesn’t strictly meet my edible requirement but I have no heart to rip them out.  Plus I do need a place to put in my favourites like bleeding heart and columbines so this perennial flower bed might just be the place.  It is quite bare since we weeded it on Saturday but I’ve added some more echinacea seeds, scattered some hollyhock seeds and put in some dill.  Hopefully this area will evolve and take shape over the next few summers.  

Also, notice the shiny new downspout.  Although its not the most convenient of downspouts it does reflect the new eaves we’ve had put on the house.  No longer will the rain run straight off the roof and wash away the soil in this bed… or damage my foundation.  This house is in good hands again.


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