Well, as much as I want a flock of backyard chickens I don’t think this city is ready for it… and I’m most likely not, either.  So our only farm animals so far are our two cats, Wendel and Winston.  They were both adopted from the local Humane Society and have been a great addition to life here.  Wendel was adopted back in November and Winston joined us in February of this year.  They are both the same age but seem to have quite a bit of a size difference, with Wendel being the larger of the two.  



These are a few pictures of their first trip outdoors.  They are on leashes/harnesses due to my belief in responsible pet ownership.  I can’t understand people who let their cats run free.  They are smart animals but are still susceptible to fights with other cats, dog attacks, cars, and the odd cruel person.  Indoor cats also live longer lives, are healthier and have lower vet bills than indoor/outdoor cats.  I want these guys around for a long time.  



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