The garden centre at work is in full swing (although under cover right now due to the crappy weather) and they are selling some big pots of blueberries that look like they’re in decent condition.  I usually like to frequent the local garden centre but these were really inexpensive and I do need to worry about budgeting since I’m planning on splurging on apple trees later this week.  So I bought three bushes.  They’re highbush I believe and were in blossom. The flowers are fairly inconspicuous but quite pretty when you notice them.  


I’ve decided to put them in a little triangle formation on the northwest corner of the house.  They’ll get direct sun in the afternoon until early evening, which should be fine for the partial shade loving plants.  I also picked up a big bag of peat moss.  I’m trying to avoid peat based products since they’re fairly non-renewable but blueberries do need the acidity that comes with peat moss and it will also help counter balance the clay… so I’m making an exception. Once they’re in the ground all those pretty little blossoms will be plucked off to direct energy into the roots, so unfortunately no berries this year, but I’m hoping this year’s sacrifice pays off.  

I’ll post some pics after I put them in to show how it looks, so check back then.

Does anyone have any experience growing blueberries?  Any tips on planting/maintenance?  Leave me a comment.

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