Spring Garlic

The first of the spring planted garlic is up, er, well just barely.  I swear that green must belong to garlic! 

I'm sure its not a weed

I'm sure its not a weed



This is my first experience growing garlic and since I couldn’t wait until later to fall grow it I thought I’d try my hand at spring sowing.  I didn’t really have much area to put it in and didn’t think I’d have room in the four raised beds in the back yard so I experimentally stuck the cloves of one bulb in the empty area between asparagus crowns.  I was to later read that garlic and asparagus aren’t the best of friends but I think things will be okay for one year.

The variety I planted was an unnamed hardneck variety found at the local garden centre.  I’ve saved the other two bulbs in the bag for fall planting and hopefully will put them in a better site than where these spring ones went.  As I mentioned it is currently occupying the empty areas of the asparagus bed.  That particular plot only gets direct light starting at around 12:30 but goes until roughly 8:30 or so.  I’m hoping to get a few bulbs out of it by the end of summer but won’t be disappointed if I don’t.  Right now I’m just excited that I can see signs of life!

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